Research Engineer at the Université de Lille, France

Research Engineer (m/f)

The laboratory UMET at the Université de Lille, France, is seeking a research engineer (m/f) for development of its high-pressure and synchrotron related activities.


  • assist all experiments of the high pressure mineral physics team at UMET, Université Lille 1, France, including experiments at large scale facilities such as synchrotrons, sample synthesis, and post-mortem analysis,
  • manage the experimental laboratory and coordinate its transfer into a dedicated facility in 2018-2019, 
  • train, help, and supervise students during their experimental projects,
  • assist internal and external users,
  • assist in the analysis of large amounts of data,
  • lead and write scientific publications for international refereed journals and present at scientific meetings,
  • contribute to writing proposals for third party funding for future developments in the experimental facility,
  • assist other teams in the UMET laboratory with their synchrotron experiments.

  • PhD degree in geosciences, material sciences or equivalent,
  • documented hands-on expertise in high pressure and large scale facilities research, through the mean of publications in international research journals,
  • documented skills in experiments using a large volume presses and/or diamond anvil cells,
  • documented skills in experiments at large scale facilities, such as synchrotrons,
  • excellent skills in communication and team work,
  • experience in the use of electron microscopy is a plus,
  • oral communication proficiency in French is a plus.
Work time will be divided as follows
  • high pressure and large scale facility experiments: ~40%
  • laboratory development, data analysis: ~30%
  • performing of own research: ~30%

Other information

Mobility to large scale facilities, multiple times a year, involving some work during nights and week-ends, is a central aspect of the position and will be required.

The position is attached to the Université of Lille at the Unité Matériaux Et Transformations (UMET). UMET is a material science laboratory with diverse fields of applications. The full details can be found at The high pressure facility in Lille currently includes diamond anvil-cells, a piston-cylinder, and a sample preparation environment. A very thorough characterization platform is also available on campus with, among others, the Centre Commun de Microscopie.

Starting date: summer/fall 2017

1 year temporary contract, renewable, and convertible into a permanent position.
Salary will depend on qualifications and experience and will be set according to the salary grid for Research Engineer positions in a public French laboratory.

Your application must include (a) a 2 page research statement, demonstrating how you fit the qualifications and tasks described above, (b) a detailed CV including a publication list and (c) names of 2 referees. Please submit your application containing these 3 documents as a single PDF document less than 3 megabytes in size by May 15th, 2017 via email to

Persons in charge of the position and hiring: Sébastien Merkel and Nadège Hilairet