Postdoc Position at LANL ¾ Synchrotron X-ray Studies of Actinide-Water Interactions in High P-T Environments


We are seeking candidates for a postdoc position to perform synchrotron-based X-ray absorption and Raman spectroscopic studies of actinide-water interactions using hydrothermal diamond-anvil cells (HDACs). The successful candidate will work within a multidisciplinary team including experimentalists and theoreticians to understand dissolution, speciation and reactivity of actinide phases in water-mediated processes at elevated pressures and temperatures. The candidate is expected to publish his/her research results and present at scientific conferences.

A Ph.D. in geosciences, chemistry, materials science, high-pressure physics or a closely related field completed within the past five years or soon to be completed is required. Previous experience with synchrotron X-ray absorption spectroscopic experiments and data analysis and/or using diamond anvil cells combined with various synchrotron and Raman techniques is highly desirable.

Outstanding candidates may be considered for the prestigious Richard P. Feynman, Darleane C. Hoffman, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Frederick Reines or LANL Director's Fellowships. General information about the LANL Postdoc Program can be found at

Interested candidates may go to and apply for job #IRC59069.