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Redox-induced lower mantle density contrast and effect on mantle structure and primitive oxygen

Tingting Gu, MingMing Li, Catherine McCammon and Kanani M. Lee

Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 13:42

The mantle comprises nearly three-quarters of Earth’s volume and through convection connects the deep interior with the lithosphere and atmosphere. The composition of the mantle determines volcanic emissions, which are intimately linked to evolution of the primitive atmosphere. Fundamental questions remain on how and when the proto-Earth mantle became oxidized, and whether redox state is homogeneous or developed large-scale structures. Here we present experiments in which we subjected two synthetic samples of nearly identical composition that are representative of the lower mantle (enstatite chondrite), but synthesized under different oxygen fugacities, to pressures and temperatures up to 90GPa and 2,400K. In addition to the mineral bridgmanite, compression of the more reduced material... read more

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